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holy frag muffins

2009-10-24 02:36:24 by Nanakisan

I can't believe what i was looking at. My 3d art of the Triforce Goddeses is actually rated as number 1 i nthe 3d art section of the art portal.....seriously thats not deserved it must be lower because i see several works of art that are far better then that piece of mine by far.

In related well unrelated news.

I've gone insane and shall now blow u pthe earth. have a nice day..............KABOOOOM!!


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2009-10-25 01:10:43

Companion Cube owns the 3D Art Portal.

Nanakisan responds:

I will agree to this in more then one way because well errrr......i tried to make one and failed at it.


2009-11-01 09:13:31

you make really good art keep it up!


2009-11-03 17:09:59

I think ur ards deserve high rank because they own!
You rules :D

Nanakisan responds:

*bows* heh your too kind