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Entry #9

Ok lets try this crap again shall we. Hmmmm?

2013-08-02 23:38:54 by Nanakisan

I am back. So fart yalls in the rears because you know what! I'M BACK YAH CRAZY NITS! NOW REJOICE AND BE HAPPY!


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2013-08-03 21:39:02

Hey man, just dropping by to say you got some nice works. I was chekcing the "3D Art" section (to know what the f*ck whas that) and saw you own the top 4 places. I also liked the NES related stuff you did. I don't give a damn about subscribing, but I'll sure keep an eye on you. Hoping to see more of your art.

Nanakisan responds:

Hey tis a pleasure man. Glad yah liked my crap.